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How are you healing? An exhibition about healing

27th April 2017 - 8th August 2017
Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, TA1 5DA.

Healing means wholeness: wholeness of our body, mind and spirit, as well as the community and environment we live in. This exhibition shares highlights which have come out of research into healing by a team at Exeter University

'How are you healing?'

An exhibition about healing


Healing means wholeness: wholeness of our body, mind and spirit, as well as the community and environment we live in.


Many of us become ‘broken’ in some way during our lives. What can we do when that happens? How can we find a new pathway to wholeness and travel on our own ‘healing journey’?


This exhibition shares some of the things a team at Exeter University have found out during their research into healing:


"We’ve been asking all sorts of people what healing means to them. They have talked, written and drawn pictures about it. We’ve grouped the exhibition around some common ideas coming from that work. It explores:

  • The many ways in which we can be ‘broken’.
  • The need for connections to others and the world around us, for love and care.
  • Healing at the end of life’s journey and the possibility of a good death.
  • Wholeness and oneness.

"Most of the time we can heal ourselves, but sometimes we need help. This help can come in many forms - from other people, or nature, or arts and creativity, or spiritual beliefs. Healing often results from connecting to something outside ourselves.

"We would like to hear about your thoughts on the exhibition itself, the idea of healing, and your own experiences of healing journeys. There are some cards for your feedback, half-way down the corridor."


The material shown comes from research that a team at Exeter University have been carrying out with members of the public in the West of England between 2015 and 2017, with financial support from the Institute of Integrative Health (TIIH), based in Baltimore, USA.  The research team includes Professor Paul Dieppe, Dr Sarah Goldingay and Dr Emmylou Rahtz, of Exeter University, aided by many colleagues, most notably Professor Sara Warber from University of Michigan, USA.


The exhibition has been designed and produced by artist Deborah Weinreb, with the help of Musgrove Park Hospital’s Art for Life team. As part of this project, the Exeter team has also been collaborating with Art for Life, supported by the ‘End of Life Group’ in Musgrove Park Hospital, and their poetry project led by nurse practitioner and writer, Allison Day.


The research team would like to thank Exeter University and the TIIH for financial support, Deborah Weinreb for her wonderful design and production work, the Art for Life team of Musgrove Park Hospital, Sophie Hope for her curatorial input, as well as all the many people who have assisted us with our research on healing journeys.


You can contact the team by e-mail (p.dieppe@exeter.ac.uk).



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