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The PCPE Project 'flash mob' - Encounter Theatre and Therapy

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The PCPE Project 'flash mob' - Encounter Theatre and Therapy


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Workshop: Other-ing - Engaging with our prejudice, power and privilege

Saturday 29th July 2017, 14.00 18.00
The Hive, 260-264 Kingsland Road, London E8 4DG

How does privilege create power and how can power lead to an acting on prejudice?  This workshop is for therapists and professionals alike to reflect on working with those who are different to us.


As practitioners, we continuously and consciously consider ourselves within the relationship with clients, and explore the impact our own process and personal experiences have on our work.


This session aims to provide a space to further this self-reflection while also evaluating our possible insensitivities to social and cultural forces that may negatively impact these exchanges.

An honest acknowledgement of one's own difference, prejudice and privilege is essential to ethical practice, yet can be potentially uncomfortable and challenging to explore. With power in the professional relationship in mind, the workshop will be considered within an intersectional framework through group discussion, reflection and art making.


This event is being co hosted by the Art Therapy, Race and Culture (ARC) Special Interest Group (SIG) run by members of The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).

ARC is a group that was formed with the aim to raise the awareness of crucial consideration of race and culture in art therapeutic training and practice, highlighting the importance of cultural context to clinical work. The group is open to all members of BAAT. To join ARC email atrc.baat@gmail.com and follow them on @arc_sig


Tickets £6. Book here

Facilitated by Corrina Eastwood, Sarah Furneaux-Blick, Prabhjot Kaur Virk and Shan Rixon


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