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ARTLIFT arts on prescription scheme in GP surgeries across Gloucestershire

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ARTLIFT arts on prescription scheme in GP surgeries across Gloucestershire


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Creative Inspiration Workshops by International Artist

Tuesday 7th March & Tuesday 16th May 9.30am-4pm
Widcombe Social Club, Widcombe Hill, Bath BA2 6AA (Second location TBC)

Creativity Works are excited to announce that International Language Artist Camilla Nelson, will be running two Creative Inspiration workshops this spring entitled Poem Factory & Radical Landscapes.


Camilla Nelson is a language artist, collaborator and researcher across a range of disciplines. She has installed and performed her language work across the UK, Europe and the Middle East and as a poet, has published works in the US, Canada and Australia.


She has received funding from the Arts Council, the British Council and the European Cultural Fund to develop her performance work and has a practice-based PhD in "Reading & Writing with a Tree: Practising 'Nature Writing as Enquiry'. Her most recent performance works include Poem Factory and Reading Movement. She is founding editor of Singing Apple Press.

Read below for information on both workshops:


Creative Inspiration 1 - Poem Factory

Date: Tuesday 7th March 9.30am-4pm

Location: Widcombe Social Club, Widcombe Hill, Bath BA2 6AA

Content: Poem Factory explores material, embodied and performance approaches to collaborative language practice. Camilla has toured with this piece of work around the world and this will be the first time it has been run in the southwest.

Camilla will provide inspiration and new skills for artists of different disciplines through the sharing and exploration of the development of her work Poem Factory, which highlights the work of the body in producing and consuming language. This workshop offers the chance to explore movement and language -making techniques in relation to ideas of work and labour.

"Production and consumption are buzzwords in our capitalist society and Poem Factory investigates what these terms mean when it comes to our use of language. says Camilla.

"This workshop will induct all participants into the Poem Factory workforce and invite them to take part in a performance of Poem Factory before encouraging you to co-opt the Poem Factory processes to your own ends. How can we "take back control" of our language production? How can we jam the mechanism and redefine the workings of the machine? Here's how!"

Poem Factory is an open invitation to performers, artists, dancers and writers to come together to help reform our language-making mechanisms whilst experimenting and exploring your own practice in new ways.


Cost: £50 for 1 day (or £80 for both Creative Inspiration days.)

Booking: Click HERE to book.




Creative Inspiration 2 - Radical Landscapes

Date: Tuesday 16th May 9.30am-4pm

Location: Bath (venue TBC)

Content: Exploring Sound, Movement, Mark and Language making in the landscape. Radical Landscapes offers a chance to explore sound, movement, mark and language making exercises in the landscape with a view to developing work, or simply to extend your existing practice. This workshop introduces a variety of movement, sound, and mark-making techniques as part of a poetic investigation into our relationship with landscape.

How do we express ourselves in the natural world? How does the natural world express itself in us?

"The aim", says Camilla, "is to expand our awareness of what our body is and does in relation to that which we consider natural, to develop new ideas and forms of expression. Our tool is the body. Our material is the landscape. The emphasis of this work is multi-sensory and multi-media."

We will work with language, installation and performance to create two- and three-dimensional works. Some exercises will involve the use of smart phones or portable audio recording devices (if you have either it would be useful to bring them with you, though neither is essential). All other materials will be provided.

After introducing you to a range of techniques you will be invited to combine two or three methods to develop solo and collaborative works for sharing and discussion. The aim of the day is to support you to find your own way to innovate and expand your work in relation to landscape.
An openness to trying new things is crucial to both workshops but no previous experience is necessary, although you may find it useful. Take advantage of our special discount offer by booking both sessions now.


Cost: £50 for 1 day (or £80 for both Creative Inspiration days.)

Booking: Click HERE to book.






For more information, contact sarah@creativityworks.org.uk
or phone 01761 438 852

Click here for a map of this event's location (on Google Maps.)