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An early rehearsal moment for Keynsham Action Network's Butterflies-Voice choir

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An early rehearsal moment for Keynsham Action Network's Butterflies-Voice choir


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Introduction to Creative and Credible

Wednesday 10th January 2018, 10:30am-4:00pm
University of Winchester

This introductory workshop will explore key principles and methodologies for evaluating creative arts for health and wellbeing.

It will explore the types of evidence that might be useful for arts practitioners and organisations seeking to develop a wellbeing focus as part of their work. It will examine each phase of the evaluation cycle, from planning through to dissemination, responding to participants’ questions and providing guidance on when and how to use different evaluation approaches, methods and tools.


Booking deadline for this Event: 3rd January 2018
Places Available: 45
Cost: £35 
How to book: click HERE.

About the Programme

Following a successful pilot project, The Centre for Arts as Wellbeing at the University of Winchester are launching a CPD Programme, Creative and Credible, led by Professor Norma Daykin. We are delighted to welcome to the team Jane Willis, Project Lead for Willis Newson, and co-producer with Professor Daykin of the Creative and Credible Website.

The programme aims to support best practice in evaluation in arts, health and wellbeing. There is an option to attend an introductory workshop at a significantly reduced price, and an opportunity to undertake an intensive follow-up programme with a small group of participants. Details of the introductory workshop and follow up programme are below.

Professor Daykin is an award-winning researcher with extensive experience of evaluating arts projects in a wide variety of health and wellbeing contexts. She is co-executive editor of Arts and Health: an International Journal of Research, Policy and Practice, and author of Public Health England’s Arts, Health and Wellbeing Evaluation Framwork.

Willis Newson is a leading UK arts consultancy specialising in creating environments that are inspiring, reassuring and patient-centred. It has particular expertise in arts and health evaluation, developed through a longstanding relationship with the University of the West of England. The Willis Newson approach to evaluation is rigorous, appropriate to the context and rooted in creative practice.