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Stepping Out Theatre

Patron Mark Rylance with Project Co - ordinators Steve Hennessy and Ann Stiddard
Wallace Real's Ministry of Madness 2014 - Cast Photo
Emma Stadon in 'Girl Talk' 2014

19 Webb Court, Park Road
BS11 0FH

Mobile: 07790980688

Email: info@steppingouttheatre.co.uk

Website: http://www,steppingouttheatre.co.uk

Formed in 1997, based in Bristol, and with forty seven productions to its credit, Stepping Out Theatre is the country s leading mental health theatre group and is a registered charity. It has produced a wide range of work on mental health themes and is open to people who have used mental health services and their allies.
The group focuses on producing plays, but also runs drama, writing, dramatherapy, dance and music workshops. It offers service users the opportunity to work alongside people with professional experience of writing, directing and acting, some of whom are service users themselves.

"The work Stepping Out Theatre is doing should be supported by all interested in a society that is healthy. Stepping Out understands and does not shy away from the possibility that theatre, the ancient art of these islands North West of Europe, is a transformative and healing activity which brings joy into people's lives. If you want to hear something true, go and hear what Stepping Out Theatre are saying. I only found myself in theatre, and I hear that Stepping Out is helping other people do the same. I have great hopes for this company and deep respect for what they are doing right now."
Mark Rylance, Patron

Typical feedback from our members includes:
"Stepping Out has done me more good than all the doctors and all the tablets I ever took."
"I felt like I had been asleep for thirty years and then, doing the play, I came awake."

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Art forms used:
Performing Arts

Health Conditions worked with:
Mental Health
Drug and Alcohol Dependence

Arts & Culture
Voluntary Community
Education & Research
Disabled Person's Organisations
Health & Social Care: Primary Care
Health & Social Care: Secondary Care
Health & Social Care: Mental Health
Health & Social Care: Residential care

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