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A controlled evaluation of the health benefits of a participative community singing programme for older people

A report has been published from the world's first randomised control trial on singing and older people.

This study started in January 2010 and finished at the end of 2011. Over 200 participants over the age of 60 took part. Half were allocated to one of five singing groups, meeting weekly over a period of twelve weeks. The other half acted as a control group.

Members of the study completed a succession of standardised health measures before (and after) the program of singing and on a three month follow-up. Later in the year, interviews were held with some of the research participants to learn more about their experience. Measures of health were consistently higher among the singing group following the singing programme than among the non-singing group.

Download report here

Authors: Stephen Clift, Ann Skingley, Simon Coulton, John Rodriguez

Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health