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Pre-order a Music Memory Box!

The Music Memory Box is a physical + digital tool for people living with dementia and their families to reminisce, reawaken and reconnect. 

The Music Memory Box is a simple kit that you can fill together with meaningful objects, music and photographs. By placing a stick on sensor on any object, like a shell for example – you can link a song to play when you put it in the centre of the box.

The music, familiar object and photograph combine together to help unlock and recall memories in a simple and tactile way. It’s like a personal jukebox. You can add more music to the box anytime with a USB stick.


What’s the process?

Filling the box is a beautiful process within itself. Create a physical photo collage of different times in the box owners life, from childhood up until the present day in the lid of the box. Then start thinking about their life so far, what are the important life milestones? What are the happiest memories they have had in their lives? What is the music that gives them enjoyment? It could be their wedding song, or a song that is their love song with their partner. It could be a song their Mum used to sing to them when they were a child. Find the music that makes the difference and attach to familiar objects. Once set up – the box can be used simply – play a song by putting the object in the centre.


Why is it unique? 

Multisensory – Not relying on a single sense, use music, tangible objects and photos all in one place. The multiple senses can work together to recall a story or memory.

Can be customised for the individual – Whether it’s classical concertos, ska reggae or experimental jazz – whatever your music tastes, background and culture – Music Memory Box is open to all and not generalised on age range. Whatever brings the memories back – fill your Music Memory Box with personal and meaningful music customised to the individual.

Simple to use with a tactile interface – By playing music through objects when put in the centre of the box – People living with dementia even at the later stages can use it unassisted, improving independence and choice of when to use it, and is accessible to play their music anytime.


What is the impact? 

Families and care workers have reported for the person living with dementia:

Reduced confusion & anxiety
Improved communication
Improved sense of independence & identity
Increased enjoyment
Improved general wellbeing and quality of life

Family members and care workers have reported for themselves: 

Greater quality of conversations
Improved communication
Greater connection + enjoyment
Reduced frustration
Improved quality of life


How does it work?

The Music Memory Box is based on innovative practices that are already used in some care homes – music therapy, life story work and reminiscence therapy – however the product wraps them up into one accessible tool so that the practices can complement each other. The Music Memory Box complies with National Institute of Care Excellence Guidelines.


Studio Meineck reached their Kickstarter goal to make this project a reality, and you can preorder the boxes now! Visit the Kickstarter Page to get yours.

Find out more at the Music Memory Box Website




Posted on 11 April 2019

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Pre-order a Music Memory Box!
Posted: 11 Apr 2019


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