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Callout for Artists with Lived Experience for AHSW Advisory Group

AHSW is seeking to establish an artists’ advisory group, which will feed in to decision making at board level, and bring a more diverse range of perspectives, experiences and needs into the core of the organisation. 

The intention is that this will be an accessible and welcoming group that is able to accommodate the needs of artists with lived experience of mental health issues, learning disability and physical disability.


Hannah Mumby (AHSW General Manager) will meet with the group twice a year for a few hours or however long is manageable for the group (it is also possible that online sessions could be coordinated for those who want to be involved but who cannot travel). The purpose of the group will be for artists to have an influence on AHSW’s work, and this will be approached through the following:


  • By artists feeding back on what they’ve been doing (or equally what they’ve been unable to do), and their personal experience of being a creative person in the south west, including any challenges they face;

  • By artists making suggestions for the AHSW website, conferences, and resources, so that AHSW can best serve and represent the communities it engages with;

  • By Hannah reporting to the group on what AHSW is working on, especially where there is an opportunity to ask the group’s advice or invite their involvement.


This is a new group, so the frequency of meetings, location, and other features will be developed flexibly to suit the needs of the participants.

The only criteria for artists involvement is that they have an interest in arts and health, which could include experience of how art has personally had an impact on their wellbeing. The tone of the meeting will be relaxed: there will be a loose structure held by the AHSW General Manager around topics of interest, but the meeting should feel supportive and informal to allow people to share without the pressure of bringing anything in particular.


If you are interested in joining the group, or would like to find out more, or have a chat about it, please contact Hannah:

email: info@ahsw.org.uk

phone: 01392 793 877




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