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What is Arts & Health South West?

Arts & Health South West is an information, support and advocacy organisation for people who believe in the value of creativity in enhancing people’s health and wellbeing. Our aim is to encourage the development of the arts and health sector across the region. We support good practice through providing high quality resources, information and support.

Arts & Health South West :

  • Encourages meaningful and productive partnerships between the health and arts sectors
  • Supports the professional development of people working in arts and health
  • Facilitates access to current arts and health research and encourages robust evaluation practice
  • Raises the profile of arts and health in the region
  • Provides a voice for arts and health practitioners at a strategic level

Read our statement of values here:


AHSW’S aims are to:

Identify and meet needs; support Arts & Health South West members and networks:

  • Provide information and support for those working in the arts and health sector within the region;
  • Support the professional development of people working in the arts and health sector; 
  • Support health practitioners to deliver health outcomes through targeted arts and health interventions;
  • Facilitate access to the current arts and health evidence base and promote improved understanding of research and evidence in order to encourage robust evaluation practices;


Use influence to empower those delivering creative arts for health and wellbeing:

  • Raise the profile of the arts and health in order to promote understanding and awareness of the role, value and contribution of arts to healthcare within the region; 
  • Build on and strengthen the regional arts and health infrastructure in order to support strategic and sustainable development of arts and health practice; 


Facilitate collaborations to build opportunities

  • Encourage meaningful and productive partnerships between statutory, third sector and independent healthcare and arts organisations within the region


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