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Why become a member?


Benefits of becoming a member of Arts and Health South West

There are two levels of membership.

General membership of Arts & Health South West is an opportunity for you to:

  • be part of a group of 800 + people who give arts and health a voice
  • improve the profile and status of your work
  • network with other people who share your ideas and concerns which could lead to:
  • partnerships being formed
  • work opportunities
  • information sharing and connections with experts in particular fields
  • mentoring opportunities, skill sharing / sharing good practice
  • a greater understanding of the sector as a whole, as well of its constituent parts
  • being inspired and acquiring new skills and knowledge
  • receive regular e-bulletins with the latest news, event listings, funding and work opportunities
  • receive preferential booking and fees for regular events throughout the region
  • get online & telephone advice
  • affect the development of Arts & Health South West

In addition to the above you can also be part of Arts & Health South West’s on-line directory and have your details made available to other members and, if you choose, the general public as well. We will ask you for more detailed information about your work and this information will appear as an individual Directory page, which can include images and text written by you. This will enable you to share details with potential partners or clients.

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Arts & Health South West is a FREE MEMBERSHIP ORGANISATION for everyone with an interest in arts and health. Members can network with each other and receive regular e-bulletins with the latest news, events and opportunities as well as be included in an on-line Directory. Help us spread the word!

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