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New Episode: Libraries, Art and Wellbeing (24-10-2017)


"Podcasting is a great means of communication: it captures the human part of knowledge creation. We can hear academics and practitioners talk about what they do, why they do it and why it matters, in their own words…. the podcast format is like a fireside chat – it allows listeners to hear experts discuss their work in their own voices, and allows the experts to express themselves more freely than in the usual academic forms of dissemination."

The Guardian


We are now releasing AHSW Podcasts, which you will be able to listen to on this page and download to your computer, phone or tablet via iTunes. Subscribe to the AHSW Podcast on iTunes by clicking here 

You can also listen via Soundcloud.




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The Arts & Health South West Podcasts are sound recordings which feature conversations with practitioners from around the South West about different areas of arts and health practice. Each podcast will have a different theme.


Listen to our podcast episodes below (oldest first, newest at the bottom): 


Museums & Wellbeing (19-02-2016)

For our first episode of the Arts & Health South West Podcast, Hannah Mumby (Coordinator at AHSW) invites Ruth Gidley (Community Participation officer at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter) to talk about Museums and Wellbeing.

RAMM Website: www.rammuseum.org.uk





Mental Health and the Arts (26-04-2016)

For this episode, Hannah Mumby (Coordinator at AHSW invites Viv Gordon (a dancer and choreographer with mental health needs who set up Mean Feet Dance) to talk about Mental Health and the Arts.

Mean Feet Dance Website: www.meanfeetdance.co.uk
I am Joan Tour Schedule: www.ahsw.org.uk/diary.aspx?id=1696





Annual Conference Podcast 1 - Emma Lazenby & Jo Black (16-12-2016)

This episode of the podcast is the first in a series of highlights from our 2016 Annual Conference, and features animator Emma Lazenby of ForMed Films, a Bristol based animation company, and Dr Jo Black, consultant psychiatrist and regional lead for perinatal mental health services. They discuss their recent collaboration, an animated short film entitled 'My Mum’s Got a Dodgy Brain', and talk through the process of how the film was commissioned by Devon Partnership NHS Trust.

ForMed Films website: www.formedfilms.co.uk





Annual Conference Podcast 2 - Jayne Howard (31-01-2017)

This episode of the podcast is the second in a series of highlights from our 2016 Annual Conference. It features a talk from Jayne Howard, former director of Arts for Health Cornwall, entitled "Filling in the gaps - challenges and opportunities for arts and health". In this talk Jayne Howard reflects on her 20 years working in health, then the arts, and then arts and health, in Cornwall, and how her thinking and practice has changed in that time.





Rosie Mead - Music in Healthcare Settings (28/04/2017)

This episode is a conversation with Rosie Mead, the director of Musica, and a researcher in the field of Music and Dementia. We talk about running music workshops in care homes, and the research that Rosie has been doing around using live music in hospital settings.

Musica website: www.musica-music.co.uk





Libraries, Art and Wellbeing (24/10/2017)

In this episode Colin Bray from Libraries Unlimited and Karen Leach Bowdler from Exeter Library join AHSW Coordinator Hannah Mumby for a conversation about libraries, art and wellbeing. They also discuss BellHouse, an interactive sound sculpture that took up residence at Exeter Library in October 2017. At the end of the episode you can hear a recording of BellHouse in action, and the artist Roop Johnstone talking about how he created it.


Libraries Unlimited: www.librariesunlimited.org.uk

Devon Libraries: www.devon.gov.uk/libraries

BellHouse Sound Sculpture: www.bellhouseproject.com

Kaleider arts producers: www.kaleider.com







Thank you to Lee Rosevere for our theme music, from the Free Music Archive


If you would like to take part in a future AHSW Podcast, or have a suggestion for a theme you would like us to cover, please email Hannah at info@ahsw.org.uk



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