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Artists Practising Well Report

Artists Practising Well is a new research report by Nicola Naismith, which focuses on the topic of affective support for creative practitioners working in participatory arts in health and wellbeing.

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Creating the Environment (Creative People and Places)

This research report from from King's College London examines the cultural eco-systems of Creative People and Places projects and offers new ways to understand what place-based programmes can seek to achieve in the long term. 

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Art Fund: Calm and Collected Report

This report sets out the ways in which museums could - and already do - impact our wellbeing. It sets out the benefits we perceive from visiting museums and galleries - including a sense of purpose, and meaning-making - and suggests that our wellbeing would be supported by more regular visits. 

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Vital Signs report warns that the West of England must raise more funding to prevent mental health problems

Urgent action is needed to prevent local people in the West of England suffering mental health crises.  This is the key conclusion of the 2017 Vital Signs report from Quartet Community Foundation.

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New Report Young people, youth organisations and galleries: working as allies to spark change

What role can galleries and museums play in young people’s lives? How can arts and youth organisations form partnerships to harness each other’s expertise? A new report and film approaches these questions.


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