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CODA Music Trust
CODA Music Trust
CODA Music Trust

CODA Music Trust

Music for Health and Wellbeing was developed in response to a need for services for individuals who are taking up personal budgets as part of the roll out of self-directed support in health and social care.

CODA is a unique resource on the Dorset/Hampshire border providing music tuition, creative music workshops and music for health and wellbeing for people of all ages and all abilities (www.coda.org.uk). The Music for Health and Wellbeing programme was funded by the Dorset Social Care Innovation Fund, which was created to support the development of new and innovative services to help meet the increasing needs of service users who are taking up personal budgets. 

Following a period of research and consultation Coda developed: 

  • Start the Week with a Song, a vocal exercise group with Parkinson and stroke sufferers
  • The beautiful Sound, a rock school for adults with learning disabilities
  • Golden Moments, a singing group with Dementia sufferers
  • Sparks, a workshop using music and movement for relaxation aimed at people experiencing mental health problems

They also offered a visiting workshop to residential care homes and promoted their existing music therapy service as part of the programme.  

Legacy and ongoing work

  • CODA’s network of volunteers was increased, new artists were brought in and new ways of working with music therapists were developed
  • CODA has developed their network and contacts within health and social care services across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch
  • The vocal exercise classes with Parkinsons’ and Stroke sufferers are continuing as open workshops once a week
  • The Rock School for adults with learning disabilities is continuing as an open workshop once a week
  • The touring workshop to residential homes is continuing. 

Download the full case study here


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