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INR-I project, Yeovil District Hospital, artist Hugh Turvey
INR-I project, Yeovil District Hospital, artist Hugh Turvey

INR-I Project; X-Ray Department Yeovil District Hospital

Hugh Turvey was artist-in-residence over a period of six months in the X-ray department at Yeovil District Hospital. 

The project aimed to engage the public by making a series of visual artworks with Radiology equipment. Hugh Turvey worked closely with Sasha Moore, Senior Radiographer, radiology consultants and the arts coordinator in developing ideas for workshops and artworks to improve the environment of the department. Staff and the public were involved in bringing interesting objects and revealing their structure or content by using x-rays with a qualified radiographer. The children particularly enjoyed the workshop process, seeing science being brought alive and learning with their parents seemed a mutually beneficial and fun experience. 95% of participants from the workshops said they would be interested in using the Radiology equipment again and had enjoyed the opportunity.

29 striking artworks were produced as a result of these workshops and are now on permanent display in the department. Patients rarely see their imagery since the advent of digital radiography so part of the work produced enabled a display of the different modalities to show patients that each area views the body in different ways. Learning outcomes were disseminated nationally through the British Institute of Radiology where the artist was in a parallel residency. 

This project was principally funded by the Wellcome Trust and supported by Yeovil District Hospital (YDH).

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