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Professional Diploma in Group Voice Arts Therapy

Learn how to create a range of sessions using the voice as a therapeutic art-form including voicescapes, singing exercises and ice-breakers, tone poems and voice and movement. An evidence-based qualification. 13th - 16th June 2019

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to work with sound-arts for health and wellbeing.

You will explore improvisation, sonic-art, sound and music psychology, soundscapes, drum circles and community music making. You will also look at how to create a wealth of different sessions from simple music making to notation, story-telling and spectacular performances!

This course is particularly beneficial for people working in (or wanting to work in) the following areas:

• Education
• Occupational therapy
• The arts/drama
• Sonic art/art installations
• Mental health
• Community arts projects
• Health Humanities
• Community health projects
• Complementary and mainstream healthcare
• Personal development and self help
• Spiritual health and development


1 – there is a pre-course online module which outlines all of the key concepts
2 – 4 day non-residential intensive


DAY 1: The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Connection and Expression
We will explore the neuroscience and psychology of voice-work and the arts for health and wellbeing. Try different exercises to develop the voice and uncover hidden vocal potential. We will also work with fun, creative and interactive vocal games, warm-ups and ice-breakers to enable groups to experience the therapeutic power of vocal connection and expression. Improvisation is an important part of life - we will look at what’s going on in the brain when we improvise and the therapeutic benefits of vocal improvisation.

DAY 2: ‘Songlines’ - Telling Stories Without Words
Tone Poems are a modern-day representation of the ancient practice of sharing language. We will discuss the therapeutic application of tone poems and also looking at singing our stories and bringing gentle movement and voice together as a creative and expressive therapeutic art-form.

DAY 3: Voicescapes and Voice-art
Voicescapes are a way of painting pictures with the voice and can be direct representations of an art piece or they can tell a deep and meaningful story. During this day we will be learning about
the therapeutic application and benefits of voice-scaping including notation and how to translate two-dimensional art pieces into a four-dimensional voice-art pieces. We will explore different types of voicescape from abstract vocal pieces to dynamic and creative
spectacular performances.

DAY 4: Performance and Project Creation
Today we will be looking at performance and project creation and discussing the next part of the journey together - the case studies and community project.

After the Intensive
You will embark on a journey of self-discovery your relationship with the instruments of your choice deepens. Put aside only 2-3 hours a week for coursework which includes personal practice and reflection, getting to know your instruments and thinking about how they will be applied. Coursework is submitted via our online learning platform.

Case Studies
To qualify with a Diploma in Group Sound Arts Therapy you will be required to hold 9 group sessions in a 9 month period. Templates and lesson plans will be provided and there will be webinars to support you through this process.

You will also work with your peer group and a mentor towards a research project which aims to measure the therapeutic outcomes of a soundscape session.




+ £75 portfolio marking fee paid on submission of final portfolio 


Date, Time and Location

13th June 9:30am - 16th June 5:00pm

The University of Chichester (Bognor Regis Campus) Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 1HR


To find out more, please contact:

Lyz Cooper at mail@britishacademyofsoundtherapy.com or by phone on 01243 544454


Lyz Cooper – Founder and Principal of The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST). Lyz has been working with sound therapy for over 25 years and has developed techniques that have shown to improve health and wellbeing. She is passionate about making therapeutic sound and music interventions accessible as well as providing evidence to support the wide-ranging application of therapeutic sound for health and wellbeing.



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