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Sessional Co-Worker Callout

Dramatherapist Mark Trenchard is looking for a co-worker to help run creative stress management group workshops using the Arts as the main focus. The work aims to support support those who struggle to cope with the modern day stressors of the workplace.

Mental Health Crises

Mental health problems in the UK workforce cost employers almost £35 billion last year, according to research published by the Centre for Mental Health.


"Those employers that ignore the issue, or who undermine the mental health of their staff, risk not only the health of the people who work for them but the wealth  of their business and the health of the economy as a whole.’’

‘Mental health at work: The business costs ten years on’ Michael Parsonage and Geena Saini 2017


GP’s have seen a steady rise in the issuing of fit notes (previously known as ’sick notes’) for psychiatric problems. Between 2015-16 and 2016-17 there was a 14% rise in notes relating to anxiety and stress. A report ‘Thriving at work The Stevenson / Farmer review of mental health and employers’ published in October 2017 says that up to 300,000 people with mental health problems leave their jobs each year. 


The Royal College of Psychiatrists has pointed to a need for more to be done to help get people back to work. Concerns around mental health issues within the workplace have forced employers to become much more focused on the need to support their employees who experience mental health problems


To support those who struggle to cope with the modern day stressors of the workplace, Dramatherapist Mark Trenchard is looking for a co-worker to help him run creative stress management group workshops using the Arts as the main focus for this sessional work. The aim would be to run groups of 8 / 10 people for 90 minutes with a view of running 10 / 12 sessions. Mark is very keen to take this forward as he says "I believe there is plenty of opportunity for paid work while providing a valuable service for those who struggle with their mental health."


If anyone has the energy and capacity in their working schedule and would be interested to joining Mark to further develop his ideas please do not hesitate in making contact:


E-mail: mark.dramatherapy53@gmail.com 



Mark is based in the South West approximately 12 miles south of Bristol.



Image: Pixabay




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